An inspiring class for your baby, from 8 weeks to walking, full of curiosity and learning through play. We begin with a fabulous sensory story, themed each week, using messy play, songs and rhymes, treasure baskets, colourful lights, loose parts and much more. Your term of 7 weeks is filled with playtime at the farm, maybe the seaside, zooming into space or even a far away mythical land! The hall is set up with exciting sensory spaces where you can have 1-1 playtime with your baby and chat to other new mummies. With a variety of messy play, musical instruments, a dark den/projection tent, treasure basket of wonderous objects, Montessori shelves of wooden toys/books, and inspiring ways to support your baby’s physical development, your baby will always have so many new experiences which you can enjoy doing together at home.

This sensory play class provides your baby with the opportunity to learn about their world by engaging in meaningful learning experiences. They will have the time and space to investigate with their senses as they mouth, manipulate and engage with the toys and loose parts. It is baby led and a space you do not need to say no in. Your baby is free to explore and communicate whilst building their self-esteem and your confidence grows and understanding deepens with strategies to support your baby’s cognitive, communicative and physical development. During the class I take photos/videos of your baby and yourself enjoying your playtime together and these are sent to your own private photo album to cherish for years to come.

These classes are highly sought after so booking early is advised, only a limited number of places are available as current mummies and mummies who attend baby massage are given the first opportunity to book their spaces. Baby massage is super special class created to teach you the strokes of the International Association of Infant Massage as well as be a safe place for new mummies/daddies to meet other new parents are make lifelong friends. A sensory play class is included at the end of the term so you can enjoy a taste of what we do and get your pick of the times available. Please do send me a message to be added to the waiting list if no spaces are available.

What is sensory play and why is it so important?

We all have seven senses and these are supported through interesting, meaningful play which involves multisensory opportunities such as singing rhymes whilst flying your baby through the air or discovering new textures, weights and smells within a treasure basket. When these senses are engaged your baby’s brain begins to light up! Neural pathways are fired and connections are made between the right and left hemisphere. This brain development sets the foundation for a future of learning!