Newborn Workshop

Struggling with a baby under four months?

Have you heard of the fourth trimester? This workshop will tell you everything about it and how you can manage your baby's transition into the world in a way that means more calm and more sleep.

It can be very helpful if you're struggling with a fussy, clingy newborn who doesn’t settle.

I'll help you to understand:

  • What it's like to be a new human in the world
  • What human babies needs really are
  • Why babies cry and how to support them
  • Why newborn babies sleep the way they do
  • Loads of completely natural techniques to bring calm to you and your baby, day and night

This workshop is approx. 3 hrs 45 mins, and the venue is within my home in Thurston. Refreshments and snacks will be available throughout but please bring anything you need to be comfortable.