1-2-1 Consultations in the comfort of your own home

My role is to empower you and support you and your child in having a calmer and more connected relationship. As a qualified CalmFamily Parenting Consultant I will shine the light of the science behind why babies and toddlers act the way they do and how we can use this knowledge to lead calmer, connected and more compassionate lives for our whole family.

As well as workshops, I also offer private consultations within your own home or within your small friendship group. I can plan around all your needs which may be with behaviour, eating, sleep, toileting... anything that is causing you and your child stress.

A consultation includes a 30 min Zoom call to discuss your needs. I then use these notes to create a bespoke plan for your family's needs and deliver this within your home. Two weeks later we can meet back on Zoom to feedback how the frameworks of support have helped and you can ask any further questions.

The price for these is £49 for a two hour consultation together.