A unique workshop for building your toddler's brain through experience.

This workshop might just blow you away! The information and frameworks provided in this session will give you a blueprint of how to get the best out of your toddler today and throughout their lives. Using neuroscience, psychological theory, and parenting information from the likes of Dan Seigal, Alfie Kohn and Lawrence J. Cohen, I will provide you with a unique understanding of how your parenting and how you support play in your family can literally build you toddler's brain to be the best that it can be!

I'll help you to understand:

  • How toddler's brains work and what they are capable of
  • What psychology says about the way toddlers learn
  • How you can manage your toddler's life for a calmer and happier experience
  • How you can support your toddler to really enjoy their play
  • How this will build their brain and give them the qualities you want for them in adulthood
  • Which types of play and which toys will really support them to develop