Calmer baby sleep - from 4 months

"I attended Kimberley’s sleep workshop yesterday and it really made me understand that I have been thinking about my baby’s sleep from a parents perspective and not from my baby’s perspective. I now understand my baby’s brain and biology development, his needs, his feelings and his sleeping environment. I can take what I have learnt and feel confident going forward with his sleep.
Kimberley made me feel very at ease, comfortable and valued throughout. I would highly recommend this workshop and I have benefited greatly from attending." Claire Johnson

If you’re struggling with your baby’s sleep and wondering if they’ll ever sleep through the night – then this workshop is for you.

I'll help you to understand:

  • What normal baby sleep looks like
  • The pros and cons of the most commonly used sleep training techniques
  • Gentle techniques to help your baby sleep more
  • How to balance your needs with your baby's needs

This workshop is approx. 4 hours long, refreshments and snacks will be available throughout but please bring anything you need to be comfortable. The venue is within my home, more details will follow via email.