Sensory & Messy Play

"Harry loves his sensory classes! He loves the sing songs and playing at all the different stations plus seeing all his little buddies 😊 starting at baby massage it was a great reason for me to get out of the house as a new mum and meet other parents. One of the main bonuses of these sensory classes is the messy play as I don’t have to clear it up! All joking aside, it gives me more confidence as a mum to find new things - even just around the house - to entertain him with. Would recommend to everyone!!" Katie Taylor

A class loved by parents and babies! A wonderful sensory class which enables you and your baby to bond through play, with beautiful open ended toys. We develop your confidence in open ended play, through treasure baskets and messy play, which supports your baby to develop socially, physically and emotionally.

The term will truly create magical maternity moments for you and your baby, with space for building friendships yourself. Each class in your term has a unique theme and provides messy play, dark den light play, treasure baskets, instruments, songs and movement and much more!

These classes are run by Rachel Hughes! For any enquiries, please email Rachel at