Preparing for your Baby Course

A wonderfully comprehensive antenatal class to support you in understanding more about what it is like to become a parent and also to be a baby.

  • Workshop 1: Understanding Newborns
  • Workshop 2: Meeting Babies Needs
  • Workshop 3: Building Babies Brains
  • Workshop 4: Preparing for Baby Sleep

I’ll help you to understand:

  • The fourth trimester
  • Infant communication and cues
  • Physical, neurological and psychological infant development
  • Why babies cry and how to calm them
  • Why babies sleep the way they do and how you can help them to sleep a little more
  • What you can do to prepare to feed your baby the way you want
  • What you need (and don't) for your baby
  • How to manage every day care tasks for your baby whilst keeping them calm and building their brain
  • How to get started with massaging and moving your baby before you get to a class
  • All about carrying and handling babies to optimise development and maintain calm, including using slings and carriers